About Mission Met Center

Mission Met Center is a unique piece of software that focuses nonprofit boards and staff on their strategic plan.

Why does my organization need strategic planning software?

Engages the “Champions”

Your organization’s strategic planning efforts will succeed when its leaders are engaged in executing and tracking the strategic plan. Unlike a static Word, Excel, or Google document, the software engages and empowers the leaders with simple strategic planning tools.

Involves Everybody

All of the staff and board can have online access to the plan. Certain leaders will have editorial rights and can manage the plan.

Makes Strategic Planning Important

Using Mission Met Center increases the importance of strategic planning in the minds of the staff and board.

Key Features

  • Makes Measurement Easy
  • Automated Monthly Email Reminders
  • Document Repository
  • Easy to Print and Run Goal Reports
  • Export all Data as a Spreadsheet
  • Online Access
  • Simple and Intuitive to use

Mission Met

Mission Met Center has been built by Mission Met to serve small nonprofits in their strategic planning efforts. Mission Met believes that every nonprofit can think and act strategically.